Irreparable Haem Averted

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Explaining that a temporary injunction was necessary to avoid “irreparable harm to a constitutional democracy such as ours,” on March 21, 2019, the Honorable Richard G. Niess issued an order enjoining all of the “laws” passed and all 82 appointments “confirmed” by the Wisconsin Legislature during its December 2018 “Extraordinary Session.” Judge Niess determined that this was an illegal meeting, unauthorized by the Wisconsin Constitution, and therefore none of the actions taken during that meeting had any effect. He observed, “The rule of law-the very bedrock of the Wisconsin Constitution-cannot, in any respect, abide enforcement of laws that do not exist.”

Pines Bach LLP attorneys Tamara Packard, Lester Pines, and represented Governor Tony Evers in the case.

Immediately following the ruling, the Governor issued this statement: “Today’s ruling is a victory for the people of Wisconsin and for preserving the Wisconsin Constitution. The Legislature overplayed its hand by using an unlawful process to accumulate more power for itself and override the will of the people, despite the outcome of last November’s election. I look forward to putting this disappointing chapter behind us so we can move forward together to put the needs of the people of Wisconsin first.”

Pines Bach LLP agrees 100% with our client, and congratulates the people of the State of Wisconsin on this victory.