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Skilled Resolution Of Political Election Law Concerns

At Pines Bach LLP, we believe it is the right and responsibility of everyone to defend and participate in the political process. Our political and elections law attorneys are experienced advisors in the areas of campaign financing, elections law, state ethics requirements, and the public records and open meetings laws. Whether you are an elected official or candidate for political office, a Political Action Committee, a nonprofit organization or a citizen, our political and elections law lawyers can guide you through the complex web of laws to ensure your effective and legal participation in the democratic process in Wisconsin. This work complements our governmental relations work, allowing us to provide a full spectrum of services to clients in the public policy arena.

If you are interested in learning what we can do to increase your political effectiveness, enforce your rights to open government or ensure your compliance with election financing and ethics laws, contact our Madison political and elections law lawyers to learn more. We diligently and enthusiastically provide strong support and persuasive legal advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Politically Active Attorneys

Since the firm’s founding, our attorneys have been active in politics, advising labor unions, political parties, elected representatives, PACs, and individual citizens on how to best accomplish their political aims and enforce their rights in Wisconsin government, at both the state and local government levels. Our attorneys have also participated at all levels of political campaigns: from running for and holding political office, to overseeing compliance with campaign finance reporting requirements, to knocking on doors to support causes and candidates. We understand the process inside and out.

Advocates For Open Government

We embrace Wisconsin’s public policy to ensure an informed electorate by providing the fullest and most complete information regarding the affairs of government, including the official acts of governmental officials. We believe back room deals and laws passed behind closed doors hurt society and cripple democracy. We have a long history of enforcing the rights of citizens to observe and participate in the operations of our government, specifically through obtaining access to public records and attending governmental meetings. Wisconsin’s Constitution requires that the doors of the legislature shall remain open, and we have experience enforcing the rights of all to observe government in action and participate in democracy.

Fighting For Equal Treatment Under The Law

Our passion for the constitutional principles of equal treatment under the law, participatory democracy and providing for the general welfare is echoed in our representation of clients. We bring a progressive, practical approach to all our work. Our firm is staffed and managed to meet our own high expectations for civility, ethics and results.

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