Undeterred Not intimidated by might and influence, we level the playing field to produce results.

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Undeterred Not intimidated by might and influence, we level the playing field to produce results.

Lobbying And Public Affairs Counsel And Guidance

Achievement and integrity are the hallmarks of the governmental affairs practice of Pines Bach LLP.

Our lobbying and public affairs work includes:

  • Developing practical, cost-effective legislative and regulatory strategies
  • Drafting proposed language for statutory changes and administrative rules
  • Communicating through legislative and agency testimony and in meetings with interested legislators, high-level agency officials and other policymakers
  • Organizing grassroots efforts and implementing media campaigns
  • Negotiating compromise solutions with other interests

Our law firm’s extensive client list includes business, labor, and environmental interests as well as coalitions of customer groups and providers of energy and telecommunications services.

Our government relations team provides strategic advice and persuasive advocacy for our client’s interests. For example, we developed and implemented a full-scale media, grassroots and lobbying campaign to build a bipartisan coalition of legislative and administrative support for Wisconsin’s statewide wind siting rule (PSC 128). With our guidance and influence, our client was able to overcome heavy special interest opposition and PSC 128 went into effect in 2012.

What Sets Pines Bach LLP Apart

We have an impact on the legislature and administrative agencies through our lobbying and government relations practice because:

  • Our attorneys have a unique ability to forge coalitions. Building, managing and utilizing coalitions of like-minded groups, organizations and businesses is key to growing the network of support needed to pass legislation in Wisconsin. Government Relations Coordinator Chris Kunkle manages several coalitions to ensure that our clients’ interests remain salient in the minds of policymakers.
  • We know the subject matter. Legislators and government agencies trust our knowledge and experience. We are not only a government relations law firm; we also practice in legal areas relevant to our work in government affairs, such as energy and telecommunications, business, labor and employment, and environmental law.
  • Our lawyers understand administrative agencies. We routinely work with many of Wisconsin’s state and local agencies, including the Public Service Commission, Natural Resources, Administration, and Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.
  • We can accommodate lobbying budgets of all sizes. We often show clients the ropes and help them strategize so that they can do much of the lobbying themselves. Joining or creating a Pines Bach LLP coalition is an excellent way to pool resources with a group of allied organizations or businesses.

Putting Us To Work For You

To schedule a meeting with a premier Madison lobbying firm, please call us at 608-807-0752 or 866-443-8661 (toll free), or contact us online.