Local Counsel

Local Counsel

Do you need local counsel with years of experience, knowledge of local customs and procedure, and positive relationships with other attorneys and judges?

The civil litigation lawyers at Pines Bach LLP are respected locally and around the country as strong and accomplished advocates with years of experience. Our clients, judges and other attorneys have come to expect high-quality, ethical work from us.

In recent years, we have served as local counsel for out-of-state attorneys with litigation needs in Wisconsin state and federal courts in a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Intellectual property and patent cases
  • International arbitration
  • Commercial disputes
  • Pharmaceutical fraud claims
  • Class action wage and hour and other employment disputes
  • Consumer class action litigation
  • Personal injury cases

Trusted and Respected Counsel

Our experienced trial lawyers are knowledgeable about local court rules and customs due to years of trying cases in both state and federal courts in Wisconsin. We know the local judges as well as the local litigators likely to be on the other side of your case, and can guide out-of-state attorneys in their interactions with them to make them as productive as possible.

Additionally, our legal knowledge in a wide variety of practice areas allows us to contribute substantively to the prosecution or defense of those cases we partner on as local counsel, if that is desired.

Local Counsel Serving Madison and All of Wisconsin

Partner with local attorneys to facilitate positive communication and a superior outcome. To speak lawyer-to-lawyer with one of us, call 608-807-0752 or 866-443-8661 (toll free) or contact us online.

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