Mountain-Climbing Attorneys

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Four past and current partners of the firm traveled to Cusco, Peru this summer to hike 40 miles of the Salkantay Trail (one of the original Inka trails) to Machu Picchu, the “lost city of the Inkas.” Lester Pines, Linda Harfst, Alison TenBruggencate and Tamara Packard, along with family and friends, crossed mountain rivers, received blessings from Quechuan shamans, and marveled in the building and engineering skills of the Inka people. One of many highlights of the trip was their successful passage through Salkantay Pass, at an elevation of 15,218 feet — higher than any mountain in the continental United States. If you want lawyers who will climb every mountain and ford every stream to get you the results you deserve, you will find them here.