Packard Prevails in Supreme Court

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | 2017 News |

In a rare unanimous decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has granted Attorney Tamara Packard’s client the privilege to practice law in the State of Wisconsin. The Court reversed the ruling of the Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners, which denied the law student admission to the Wisconsin Bar because in a final law school paper he quoted the work of others without attribution. The Court found that evidence of the student’s positive character offset the concerning conduct, and that with an appropriate mentoring relationship at the start of his legal career, he could be admitted.

This is Tamara’s second bar admission decision from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as well as her second win. She has also handled numerous bar admission cases before the Board of Bar Examiners where applicants have been informed that they are “at risk” of being denied admission. Through assisting her clients to demonstrate their good character and fitness to practice as attorneys in this state, most of those cases have been resolved confidentially, and with admission to the bar, at the Board of Bar Examiners level.