Civil Litigation

Experienced Trial Litigators

The civil litigation lawyers at Pines Bach LLP command a strong and respected presence in the courtroom. Our trial lawyers are acknowledged as tough opponents and accomplished advocates with considerable experience arguing cases before federal and state courts, administrative agencies and arbitrators. We insist that our clients are treated fairly and equally under the law.

Strategic and Experienced Advocates

Many of our civil matters involve employment, energy, environmental, personal injury and commercial real estate claims. However, our civil trial attorneys represent clients in settlement negotiations and civil trials concerning a wide range of civil disputes:

  • Business and commercial litigation, including contract disputes, litigation over business agreements, shareholder and partnership disputes, business dissolution issues and more
  • Employment law issues, such as disputes over contracts, severance/separation agreements, noncompete agreements, labor laws, workplace discrimination and harassment
  • Serious personal injury, including injury claims for protective services employees
  • Commercial real estate litigation, including litigation over easements, leases, contracts and boundary rights
  • Civil rights, including disputes involving free speech, due process, voting rights and other constitutional violations, as well as gender, race, sexual orientation, age and disability discrimination
  • Environmental law advice and counsel, including disputes over land use, construction, energy efficiency/conservation and more
  • Political and election law concerns, including assistance to elected officials, candidates and any other parties with a stake in our electoral process.

Handling lawsuits efficiently and effectively requires a solid understanding of civil litigation strategy. Pines Bach LLP‘s civil trial lawyers have acquired that understanding through many years of preparing, trying and winning cases for our clients.

Handling Complex Civil Disputes

Civil claims are often complex, involving many legal and nonlegal issues. Whether your civil dispute leads to settlement negotiations, arbitration, an administrative agency hearing or the Wisconsin or federal court system ( including appeals), we have proven experience in all of these forums.

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