Juvenile Defense

Helping Young People Caught Up In The Criminal Courts

Juvenile courts in Wisconsin hear criminal cases, called delinquency actions, brought against children under age 17. If your child or other family member is facing a criminal charge in juvenile court, it is critical to have an experienced defense lawyer in your corner. At Pines Bach LLP, we know how to defend juvenile delinquency cases. For decades, we have been helping clients in juvenile court in Madison and throughout Wisconsin for years.

Attorneys Providing Effective Representation

No matter what crime they have been charged with, your children have the right to aggressive criminal defense representation. You can rely on our lawyers to protect your child’s rights no matter what felony or misdemeanor charge they are facing, including:

  • Sexual assault and statutory rape
  • Battery and gang violence
  • Shoplifting
  • Vandalism
  • Underage drinking
  • Drug possession — including marijuana, cocaine and heroin

A juvenile delinquency record may impact a child’s ability to obtain the education or employment that he or she deserves. Do not let this happen to your family. Work with a skilled criminal defense lawyer to ensure that your child’s case is resolved favorably.

Protect your child’s future. To schedule an initial consultation, call 608-807-0752 or 866-443-8661 (toll free) or contact us online.

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