Child Custody And Placement

Assessing and Advocating for a Child’s Best Interests

Child custody and placement matters, whether they are part of a divorce or other type of family action, can be some of the most challenging to resolve.

Child custody, also referred to as “legal custody” or “custody,” concerns the right to make major decisions concerning a minor child, such as choice of schooling, religious upbringing and nonemergency medical care. Child placement, also referred to as “physical placement” or “placement,” concerns where and with whom a minor child will be living on any given day and what the schedule will look like.

Personalized Approach To Child Custody Disputes

Contested custody and/or placement cases are frequently the most stressful and expensive of family law cases. Family, friends, school officials, social workers, child specialists and other types of expert witnesses may become involved and perhaps be called upon to testify in custody and placement matters. A placement study and involvement of a Guardian ad Litem may also become necessary. Mediation and settlement negotiation is frequently used in custody/placement matters to successfully resolve these types of disputes. However, some cases simply cannot be settled out of court. We tailor our approach to each step in the process based on you and your family’s goals and needs.

At Pines Bach LLP, our family law group is committed to using our experience and skill to assist parties in meeting their child custody and placement goals. We understand what is at stake for our clients, and the child, in these types of matters. Together with the client, we develop a legal approach to address these issues, and which is unique to the particular facts of a case.

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