Defense Of Public Sector Employees

Defending Public Sector Employees in Disciplinary Proceedings

For many state and other public sector employees, their jobs are lifelong investments in highly valued careers. When an investigation or allegations of wrongdoing occur, it can threaten that investment, the years of effort put into building that career, and the significant benefits built up over time such as sick leave and sabbatical.

Public sector employees deserve experienced counsel who can help them avoid significant losses. The state civil service laws are complex, with special rules for those with permanent status in class and career executives. Our attorneys understand the system and how to protect our clients’ best interests at all stages.

We offer assistance to employees at all stages of the disciplinary process, including:

  • Investigative meetings
  • Investigations
  • Pre-disciplinary meetings
  • Discipline, including suspension, demotion and termination
  • Grievances
  • Departmental appeals
  • Appeals to the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission

The Most Effective Approach

In some of these cases, the most effective approach is an aggressive defense. In others, a more subtle and collaborative approach yields better results. Our extensive experience in understanding your goals and identifying the best strategy to achieve them can make all of the difference in fighting allegations of wrongdoing.

We Earn Our Reputation of Success

At Pines Bach LLP, our firm offers the counsel and advocacy state and other public sector employees need when facing potential discipline. We recommend that you involve us as soon as possible after learning that you may be subject to an employment investigation. The sooner we can begin taking action with you, the stronger the case we can build and the greater degree of protection we can offer. Having said that, we can help you present an effective defense at any stage in the disciplinary process, even in the post-termination appeal process.

Public Sector Employees Attorneys Serving Madison and All of Wisconsin

If your public sector job is being threatened by disciplinary action, turn to Pines Bach LLP for the defense you deserve. To schedule an initial consultation, call 608-807-0752 or toll free at 866-443-8661, or contact us online.

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