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Pines Bach LLP provides experienced and skill representation regarding commercial and residential real estate matters across all of Wisconsin. We assist in transactional matters related to real estate closings, document preparation and review, leases, permits, easements, construction and land use. We also represent condominium and homeowners associations regarding their legal needs.

As leaders in the field of renewable energy, we routinely resolve complex issues related to this area. And as litigators, our attorneys are always prepared to provide trial representation when disputes arise.

Providing A Wide Range Of Business And Consumer Real Estate Services

Mistakes made in real estate matters can be extremely costly. It is therefore important to have skilled attorney representation to provide guidance and advocacy.

As part of the services our real estate lawyers provide, we will assist with:

  • Condominium formations, associations and governance
  • Purchases and sales (commercial buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, investment rental properties)
  • Green development, including renewable energy installations
  • Commercial leases, landlord and tenant matters
  • Section 1031 exchanges
  • Conditional use permits
  • Variances, rezoning, easements
  • Partition actions
  • Disputes and litigation involving condominium developers and contractors and condominium owners

Leaders In Resolving Complex Legal Matters In Renewable Energy

In our representation of independent power producers seeking to build wind farms throughout the Great Plains, we have provided legal counsel to several of these projects. With an eye toward the health of the planet, our knowledgeable and forward-thinking lawyers can create solid, long-term planning for the green industries of tomorrow.

We are the second largest law firm in the nation to be 100 percent green — all our energy comes from renewable energy sources..

Our niche is to help renewable energy developers gain public support, achieve local regulatory and municipal approval, obtain land rights for turbines, distribution and transportation lines, and handle contracts with local utilities for wire access and more.

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