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Knowledgeable HOA Representation

Community associations, homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominium associations are forms of real estate ownership that continue to grow in popularity. While real estate law and restrictive covenants influence these associations, they also operate according to corporate, tax, municipal and constitutional law. Almost all involve common property that, although private, is shared by multiple residents. A community association may be as small as two units or as large as a master plan community the size of a town. Whether your organization needs guidance on new issues, festering controversies or updates, or you own property subject to a community association and your rights need protecting, experienced legal counsel will enhance property values and the community’s quality of life.

Our firm can provide the counsel and advocacy your organization needs at all points of your timeline, including:

  • Assistance with formation and organization
  • Drafting rules and bylaws
  • Drafting and enforcing covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Collecting dues
  • Property management issues
  • Construction contracts
  • Sales of properties
  • Dispute resolution

Helping Establish Your Association, Providing Counsel As Needed

We have lawyers who are established members of the Community Associations Institute, a national organization dedicated to the robust health of homeowners and condominium associations. As a planned community ages, revisions to original declarations, bylaws and rules are often needed to address market, municipal, family makeup and mature building changes. In addition to ensuring that your association starts on a solid foundation, we work with boards to see that associations effectively manage their communities for healthy lifestyles, a good reputation and increasing property values. We offer ongoing counsel on a wide range of issues from construction disputes and mechanic’s liens to eviction and board development. We are able to provide advice about critical decisions as well as offer highly effective dispute resolution advocacy and trial skills.

Our Strength Is Your Asset

At Pines Bach LLP, our attorneys understand that community associations have complex responsibilities and goals, and need counsel and advocacy they can depend on. The right advice can be crucial to guiding the organization through turbulent times. The right solution to a dispute can help prevent the organization from wasting valuable resources that could be better spent elsewhere. We have been providing highly skilled and experienced legal representation to our clients since 1979. Our real estate attorneys have decades of experience with a variety of ownership scenarios.

Condo Association Attorneys Serving Madison And All Of Wisconsin

Pines Bach LLP can help you with all aspects of community association establishment and any other issues that may arise. To schedule an initial consultation, call 608-807-0752 or toll free at 866-443-8661, or contact us online.

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