Dumas & Westerberg Partner with Student Press Law Center to Defend Student Journalist

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | 2017 News |

Pines Bach LLP attorneys Christa Westerberg and are partnering with The Student Press Law Center (SPLC) to defend a student journalist who’s seeking records from the University of Wisconsin (UW). The student, Alex Nemec, is the news editor of The Advance Titan, the student-led newspaper at UW Oshkosh. His request for records relating to the investigation of a professor has been blocked, and the case is now in court.

Westerberg and Dumas are members of the SPLC’s Attorney Referral Network and will handle the case pro bono. The SPLC is a legal and educational non-profit that works to defend the rights of student journalists all across the United States. The organization recently profiled Westerberg in the “Volunteer Spotlight” column of their e-Newsletter by writing, “When the public’s right of access is threatened in Wisconsin, you send up the Bat-signal and Christa Westerberg appears.”

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